School of
Dance & Theatre

Syazza Stoffa

Syazza Stoffa

BA(Hons) Acting
2020 — 2023

Syazza is an introspective artist who believes in the healing power of theatre. She hopes to use her background as an actor and theatre-maker as a tool of empowerment. Being a bilingual performer, Syazza is interested in expanding her repertoire beyond Southeast Asia. She has done collaborative interdisciplinary telematic work with her contemporaries in Zurich as well as Thailand. Her love for fashion and photography is interwoven in her artistic practice.

Her notable acting roles in English productions include Madam Xia in Chay Yew’s A Winter People (dir. Peter Zazzali), Moon in Lorca’s Blood Wedding (dir. Blake Hackler) and Madame Pontagnac and Clara in Feydeau’s An Absolute Turkey (dir. Robin Sneller). She has featured in Malay Bangsawan productions of Dang Anum, Hang Nadim and Sang Nila Utama.

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